A young datu sits on the rajah’s throne.

Once a part of the former rajah’s sandig, Mapalad was chosen to succeed when his predecessor was killed in an uprising. The cause was just, for the former rajah bowed to the whims of the aswang. Datu Mapalad is also blessed by the diwata, they say, for he possesses a snake twin.

But he is young and barely tattooed, and he is a former tumao, to boot. The rajah’s once allied datus have been slow to reinforce their friendship.

Will Mapalad’s luck last?


Trouble in Hiyasan is a sandbox game set in Kalupaan, the material world of the Buan Campaign Setting. It is loosely based on Philippine culture immediately preceding/coincident with the arrival of colonial powers.

Trouble in Hiyasan

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