A wandering tikbalang warrior.


Mai’ngor is a tikbalang warrior from the highlands. His batuk: lightning bolts from each nipple to shoulder. Across his back, a great balete tree. On his forearms, python skin patterns. On his biceps, crocodile hide patterns. On his hocks and fetlocks, cloud patterns representing the winds. On his forehead, a flaming stone.

Mai’ngor is fleet of foot and ferocious in battle. He favors the kampilan, but as a batikan, also fights with the sibat and kalasag.


Mai’ngor’s father was Apo Munggogolot, chieftain of the tribe. His clan’s home was destroyed when a hunk of metallic rock fell from the sky into its midst. After the fires had been put out and the fatalities were buried, a strange illness broke out among the clan. They began wasting away, bleeding internally and dropping like flies; it was as if they were burning from the inside. The babaylan figured out that the strange illness was being caused by the meteorite. Some of the young ones suggested abandoning their ancestral lands, while the elders called for the destruction or removal of the alien rock. None dared touch the rock except Mai’ngor, who was miraculously untouched by the strange sickness. He began chipping away at the rock while the leaders tried to figure out where to dispose of the stuff. Alas, it was all too late, in two days everybody was dead and the young warrior was alone. This was when he began his wandering. A warrior without ties, without a home.

The bulalakaw tattoo on Mai’ngor’s forehead is a reminder. He yearns to someday reclaim his ancestral land which he left after his people all died. For now he is wandering the earth to gain prowess and wisdom. He carries a small chip from the rock that killed his people, in the hopes of learning more about it.


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