You are a tattooed warrior of the Hiyasan islands. Each of your tattoos, or batuk, is a mark of victory against a fallen enemy. They represent the favor of the diwatas; as more and more tattoos cover your body, it becomes clearer that they aid you in battle.

Describe the most prominent tattoos that you have. What are their designs? Are you covered in batuk, or do you still have large blank canvasses on your body? Do you possess a distinctive tattoo that will make it difficult to hide your identity?

What is your relationship with the kadatohan of your home island? Are you tumao, a part of their sandig, and will you go to battle when they call for you? Are you part of the kadatohan, tasked to maintain or exceed the standing of your parentage as you prepare to succeed them? Are you a wild boar that makes your way through Kalupaan, earning glory through your own battles?

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Perception
Tool Proficiencies: navigator’s tools, vehicles (water)
Equipment: your spear (a batikan without his spear is no warrior), a set each of common clothing (usually a loincloth or skirt) and fine clothing (for formal occasions), various looted gold jewelry worth 25 gp

Feature: Known Killer

Your batuk are telltale signs that you know how to take a life. Common people are afraid of you, and will generally agree to do minor tasks that do not endanger them to avoid displeasing you. You usually stand out in a crowd unless you take great efforts to hide your batuk.

Class Recommendations

Most martial classes make excellent batikan, although those that wear lighter armor are more common. This is because batikan prefer to show their tattoos in battle. Furthermore, they hold the belief that batuk have supernatural powers: Barbarians and monks believe they channel the diwatas as the sources of their supernatural defenses, while rangers see their batuk as the bridge that allows them to invoke the diwatas for their spells.

Suggested Characteristics

Personality Traits

  1. My batuk are my pride; it shows people that they can rely on me.
  2. I am favored by the diwatas, and I must pay my respects to them, in turn.


  1. I tend to treat any batikan with respect inside and outside of battle.
  2. Loot in battle belongs to the datu until it is given to me.


  1. I will never forget how I earned my first batuk.
  2. My loyalty is to my datu, and I will swim the seas to heed his call to battle.


  1. I will leap into danger if it allows me the chance to earn a new batuk.
  2. I have a batuk that I have not properly earned, and I will be shamed if it was found out.


Trouble in Hiyasan Nosfecatu