Celestial Patron

our-angels-are-different2_6896.jpg From the haughty star maidens that descend to Kalupaan engaging in a night of dancing and revelry, to the beautifully frightful sun gods that burn all that behold them, the thoughts and motives of the celestials are twice as inscrutable as the other diwatas. Fiends may be more universally evil, and fey may be more selfish, but celestials are frightening for they are distant, bright, and unfathomable.

Celestial diwatas typically grant spells from the Light domain plus one other. Some examples of people who draw power from celestials include:

  • A man who hid a star maiden’s wings so that she can be with him, forever.
  • The offspring of the star maiden, above.
  • A devotee of a sun god that survived its presence (such devotees are never unscathed.)
  • An orphan that was protected by a moon maiden from the terrors of the night.

The celestial otherworldy patron is a modified great old one otherworldy patron:

  • Replace Awaken Mind with Tongue of Fire: Once per day, you may use the tongues spell on yourself. While the spell is in effect, a tongue of flame is visible a few inches above your head, emitting light as if it has the effect of the light cantrip.
  • The celestial pact’s spell list does not include the black tentacles spell but includes the fire shield spell.
    Otherwise none of the mechanical rules are changed.

A celestial blade may be a gleaming sword. Its book of shadows is paradoxically a bright, religious tome with blasphemous imagery that burns the eyes. Their familiars are typically sprites.

(Alternatively, a warlock can choose a diwata of the deep seas from Karagatan and use the great old one with no changes.)

Image is from TV Tropes: Our Angels are Different. Used for nonprofit.

Celestial Patron

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