Lakandula.JPG You are a lakan, members of the kadatohan of the great Lumahon isle to the north. Your kingdoms are ideally located, and many who come to trade from faraway lands pass through you, first. To the datus of the Hiyasan islands, the lakans are the source of all things exotic, which includes the gunpowder that many younger lakans like you treat as toys.

What brings you to the Hiyasan islands? Do you see this as an exile from your family, as a great honor, or is this the escape you’ve longed for so long?

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Persuasion
Weapon Proficiencies: Pistol
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A set each of fine clothes and traveler’s clothes, a signet ring, trade goods worth 25gp (your choice)

Feature: Procurement

If you are looking for an item or raw material that it exists in this world, you often know where and from whom to obtain it. Even when you don’t, you generally know who to ask to access such information. Your DM might rule that such an item has been kept secret, or that it has not been seen in an age and as such is more difficult to find. The most secret of items may take a long time to retrieve, even if you know where to find them.

Suggested Characteristics

A lakan may look into the Guild Merchant background for other suggested characteristics.

Personality Traits

  1. I have finally escaped the watchful eyes of my family. I am the head of the house, here.
  2. I always look for the best deal.


  1. I must prove that I can be a success without my family’s help. (Neutral)
  2. I believe in the final authority of the local datu here. (Lawful)


  1. I must find a datu to marry so that I can solidify my family’s power.
  2. I long for the luxuries of home.


  1. The batikan and their raiding ways can never be trusted.
  2. Others steal. I… procure.


Trouble in Hiyasan Nosfecatu