babaylan2.jpg You have been touched by the diwata. Once, when you were young, one of them invaded your being, attracting terrible sickness or insanity. Only through another babaylan were you taught to master and befriend the diwata afflicting you, and this moment set you on the path of the babaylan.

How do you view your connection to the diwatas and their lesser spirit kin? Do you see them as useful and friendly companions, or do you see your connection to them as a burden?

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Religion
Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism set
Languages: Choose any one exotic language.
Equipment: holy symbol, priest’s pack, as set of porcelain plates worth 10 gp (gifted by a member of the kadatohan that you once advised)

Feature: Spiritual Conversation

Everything, from the simplest rock under your foot to the angry sun above, has a spirit. They are sentient, and you can coax them into conversations if you are within proximity of the object that they represent. This ability does not affect the spirit’s attitude toward you, nor can it share information that it couldn’t possibly know. (For example, a rock has no eyes and therefore cannot see who has passed through an area.) You also need to share a language that the spirit speaks. You cannot harm the spirit in any way if it does not manifest itself.

Suggested Characteristics

A babaylan may look into the Acolyte background for other suggested characteristics.

Personality Traits

  1. The spirits vastly outnumber us – we need to listen to their whispers lest they become thunderous punishment.
  2. They are just like us; driven by their own desires. We need to understand them to cooperate with them.


  1. The diwatas may speak through me, but I serve the people and not them.
  2. I strive to guide my community to harmony with the spirits.


  1. The diwata that led me down the path of the babaylan attempts to influence me to this day.
  2. I long for the life that I had to leave behind before becoming a babaylan.


  1. I tend to always believe what the spirits tell me.
  2. I will gain power at any cost, even if it means cavorting with the diwata of Kasanaan.


Trouble in Hiyasan Nosfecatu