The Half-restored


Suggested Domains: (Celestial) knowledge, life
Suggested Domains: (Fiend) knowledge, nature


Fiend pact

Once, Balituk and Balituk were one being; he was the infant son of the goddess Buan and a mortal hunter. But their union was not meant to be, and as the two separated, so too did Buan cut her son into two so that they may each have a part.

The lower part she took for herself as she rode the rainbow back to Kalangitan. There she restored her son with a new upper body and raised him.

The upper part the hunter wept over, for he knew not the divine art of restoration. He buried the infant, but it was a diwata of life and it did not die. Instead, it decayed from being underground, and from its festering rot sprung all life that crawled and disgusted – maggots, worms, flies, centipedes, conckroaches.

The celestial Balituk’s legs are perfectly toned as befits the son of a great hunter that lived. From the torso up, he is not flesh at all and is instead carved from rock in the likeness of man (though hollow from behind.) He represents life, fully cultivated.

The fiendish Balituk has no legs. It drags its decaying form using its arms covered in sores. Cockroaches fly or crawl out of its mouth when it howls in agony, and from elsewhere on him constantly springs life that fed on death. He represents life persisting against all odds.

They are two, but they are the same. Calling on one will also catch the attention of the other.

If Balituk or Balituk is your patron, he can grant spells of up to 5th level. If Balituk and Balituk are ever restored as one, he will become a god that can grant up to 7th level spells. Whether he will be celestial or fiend when fully restored, none can say.


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