A diwata is an otherworldly entity that can grant spells to inhabitants of Kalupaan. They may be further categorized based on their origins:


Celestials and fire elementals that hail from Kalangitan embody the beauty and fury of the unreachable skies.

  • Star maidens
  • Balituk
  • Buan and her aspects
  • An aspect of the Sun


Fey and air elementals of Kalikasan emphasize the constancy of change. They are the familiar with a hint of the unnatural.


Aberrations, fiends, and water elementals that hail from Karagatan are as merciless as the cold sea. They give life; but they just as easily take life away.


Fiends and earth elementals of Kasanaan are possessed of black hearts. They delight in pain and are overjoyed by hopelessness.


Spirit dragons (the game is called Dungeons and Dragons, after all.)

While many creatures who hail from these otherworlds are diwata, not all of them are. Typically, such a creature is considered to be a diwata if it is intelligent and/or has a vested interest in the events in Kalupaan.

A god is a diwata that can grant 6th level spells or higher.


Destroying a diwata’s manifested, physical form in Kalupaan discorporates but does not typically kill it entirely. But it does hinder it somewhat. It will be unable to manifest in Kalupaan for a time; neither will it be able to communicate with or form a pact with mortals that are not already bound to it. (It can still answer divination spells in some cases.)

A diwata can be permanently killed under specific conditions that are unique to it. Some examples may include:

  • Killing it while in the otherworld from whence it came.
  • Using its bane to kill it.
  • Destroying its anchor to Kalupaan. (All descendants of an ancestor spirit, the location guarded by a location spirit, the sun for a sun god.)
  • Some combination of the examples above.

It should be noted that the slaying of a diwata may weaken or outright destroy its anchor. A tree will begin to wither, for example, if its dryad is slain. Because of this, the permanent slaying of gods may have catastrophic effects unless another being takes up their mantle.

* I like characters that interact with gods, but I dislike the big numbers associated with them. This explains why I’m drastically lowering them on the power scale. Besides, the actual advancement of characters in a once/month sandbox game is expected to be low.


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